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The best way, is to have your body in proper alignment that will give you pain free function and balance. I aim to straighten and then strengthen your body with gentle corrective exercises. These exercises, as well as being demonstrated in real time are provided via a bespoke video just for you to use time and time again.

These will heal problems such as: neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain (including rotator cuff injuries), reoccurring headaches and migraines, elbow pain, (including golfer's and tennis elbow), wrist pain (including carpel tunnel syndrome), hip pain, knee pain, shin splints, ankle foot pain (including bunions, hard skin and Plantar Fasciitis), arthritis, shin problems and sports injury.

It is an honour to connect with clients whether they are children or in later years. My expertise is in equestrianism, so I'm able to work with athletes from all spheres including rugby, football, cricket, running, riding, golf, tennis and ballet.

I first became aware of Postural Alignment as my husband was needing knee surgery and wanted to find out if there was anything we can do. This is when I found the Egoscue technique. Within 3 months, the difference was so considerable, that it blew me away. As a result, my husband hasn't required knee surgery; I qualified as a Postural Alignment Specialist with a University in San Diego, USA and just adore providing positive pain free solutions for my clients. Read more about My Story below.

Caroline Clarke's Story

UK Egoscue Trained; Postural Alignment Specialist

I have lived most of my life in the West Sussex area, however in 2014 moved to the market town of Tavistock in Devon. From the age of four I have had a passion for horses and started riding. Being dyslexic, I hated every minute at school, so couldn't wait to leave. I worked with horses for many years which even took me to Austria.

I married Richard when I was 21, which now seems very young, but I have loved every minute. He has been encouraging me to succeed in all my ventures including a successful beauty business for the past 25 years. This enabled me to carry on my riding career in which I jumped all over the country in Working Hunters, qualifying many times for Royal International and HOYs, being trained by the late Freddie Welch.

The years working with horses has enabled me to have an eye to gauge lameness, dysfunctions and unevenness in an animal that cannot tell you where their pain is. This has helped greatly in my assessment of clients.

So when I came across the Egoscue technique to help Richard, I made him travel many miles to see my mentor Nicole Parsons. She has been an inspiration encouraging me when I found the University work hard. Being a very determined person I qualified within a year and love working and helping my clients building their confidence and trust in their bodies. I am a first aid trained and have been DBS checked.

Caroline Clarke - Postural Alignment Specialist
What People Are Saying...
herniated disc during snowboard accident

Lance Roehrig had a snowboard accident that resulted in a herniated disc in his C6/7.

  • "I had a snowboard accident that resulted in a herniated disc in my C6/7. After 2 consultations and an MRI, the diagnosis was surgery with no other options. I really wanted to avoid surgery and found my way to learning about postural alignment which really resonated with me. After much research, this then lead me to Caroline. By this time, I was experiencing increasing pain, numbness and tingling down my left arm which resulted in me stopping all physical activities including my passion surfing and a long planned surf trip to Indonesia with old school friends.
  • When I first met Caroline via Zoom, she did a postural assessment and then started me off on some exercises that were later adjusted as I began to make some progress. After a couple of months the numbness and tingling subsided and I began to feel strong enough to resume light exercise, yoga and now surfing. I can't recommend Caroline highly enough, I went from a very depressing outlook of surgery and restricted movement to being back on my feet and doing what I love again. Not only is Caroline dedicated to her practice and to supporting you on your journey no matter where in the world you are, she does it with great humility and a wonderful sense of humour and positivity. We can all do with this sort of guidance and support especially when things may seem insurmountable."

Listen here to Lance's message:

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West Country Women Awards 2023

So thrilled and privileged to have been nominated in the category of
The Small Business of the Year Award.

Caroline Clarke - Postural Alignment Specialist - West Country Women Awards 2023, the small business of the year award
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